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With Europe’s #1 Soul Manifestation Mentor

Tap Into your Intuitive Power & Manifest Your Dreams

Your Reality is a Creation of Your Thoughts and Emotions. Learn how to Connect to Your Divine Energy and Increase Your Vibration.

12. – 13.10.2019 in Zurich, 498.- Euro


Live in Zurich: 12 + 13.10.2019

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Ancient Manifestation Wisdom

Discover how to Manifest through the Divine to create pure states of bliss.

Manifest Through Your Divine Energy

In This 2 Day Live Event You Learn:


Understand the 3 Key Steps to Tap Into Your Divine Energy and how to identify where you are right now, so you can connect to your Divine Energy and allow yourself to receive more joy, love and bliss.


Discover ancient techniques for Divine Manifestations that help you to fully connected to your Divine Energy. Training this old wisdom will allow you to expand your consciousness, which means you can start to live your soul purpose more freely by feeling connected with the Divine.


Creating synchronizity that supports your manifestations. Discover the Ancient Way of Manifesting. Understanding this process will help you to create what your heart is longing for – once you adapt this connect you become synchronized with life and your manifestations flow more easily.


The single biggest mistake people make with manifestations that’s sabotaging them from living their dreams is not what you think it is. — Through the Secret 3 Step Manifestation Formula you will stop sabotaging yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to live in alignment with your soul purpose.


Understand how to create love, bliss and abundance in your life, so that you are no longer limited by the typical manifestation mistakes but are instead creating a life that is based on your soul’s desires and life purpose.


The secret #1 habit you need to master to manifest with ease — Kay and Nicole will share some of the fascinating techniques they use to align manifestations with their divine path.


Together with Kay and Nicole you will learn a powerful way to connect to your Divine Energy and Create a blissful life.

About Kay de Rey

Kay de Rey is Europe’s Leading Soul Manifestation Mentor and founder and CEO of Divine Glow, a beauty company that aims to make women shine their inner beauty and connect with their Divine Energy to live a life of bliss.

Kay has inspired more than 16’000 people to manifest their dreams and create a life that they desire by
connecting to their Divine Energy.

In more than 4’217 personal 1-to-1 coaching she has supported her clients in mastering their mixed messages of their subconscious, getting clarity about their dreams, connecting with their heart and their Divine Energy.

Life is meant to be blissful and it’s your creation. Explore your Divinity.

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About Nicole Gehrés

Kay’s younger sister Nicole is an inside-and-outside beauty expert.

Nicole is an expert in the field of beauty and recognised for developing outstanding cosmetic products for her clients.

Based on her 16 years of experience in research and development together with Kay she founded the beauty company Divine Glow to develop the world’s unique beauty serum that connects you to the Divine. 

There is a secret she kept for many years: She also studied ancient wisdom for over 17 years. Now through the creation of Divine Glow and the higher purpose of this company Nicole will share her wisdom of ancient healing techniques with you.

12.-13.10.2019 in Zurich

Connect with Your Divine Energy & Live A Blissfull Life

Once You Are Fully Connected With Your Divine Energy and Adapt These Ancient Manifestation Techniques, You Step Into Your Personal State of Bliss.

2 days live event in Zurich. Value: 398.- Euro

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Manifest Through Your Divine Energy

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