Kay de Rey:

Manifest Your Dreams


I support women  to manifest their dreams more quickly and become manifestation queens by reconnecting to their soul’s desires.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to just get what you want or maybe something even more exciting?


The moment you get your Wish Matrix in tune with your values and you stop sending out Mixed Messages the magic begins.

You are manifesting all the time…

Only sometimes your Manifestation-Matrix has some errors.

Even so I now travel all year, spend most of my time in beautiful places all over the world and have worked with more than 4’000 women in 1-to-1 coachings…

My life wasn’t always like this.

To be honest: My life was a mess.

I squeezed myself into a life that did not fit me. And I got stuck.

I was stuck in a country whre I didn’t feel welcomed.
I was stuck in a marriage with a man who refused to kiss me.
Stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill me and drained my energy.
Overweight by 17 kg.

But worst of all: I didn’t have a clue HOW this could have happened.

I felt miserable. My wish matrix had a fatal error.


Sometimes we live the dream of someone else
I settled for something different than my soul desired. My soul felt empty and frustrated. 


Sometimes we downgrade our dreams. To fit into the dreams of the people we love and we don’t want to loose.

There was a lesson to be learned:

Never downgrade your dreams. You came here because of your dreams. Don’t compromise on them.

When you downgrade your dreams, you betray your heart. You betray your sould. And that will cause you lots of misery.

It’s not about living a live that looks good on the outside. It’s about being truely YOU. Being what your soul had chosen to be. And live your true heart’s desires.

Did you manifest struggle?

Has this ever happend to you? That you felt stuck?  That you felt lost? That you kind of had what you wanted before, but felt emtpy inside? I guess it happend to all of us. Because it’s normal. Yes, it is normal. Breath out. Breath in. It is normal. Nothing wrong about you. All is perfect!

Are you ready for the real truth WHY you had some struggles in your past?


You manifested every single desaster in your past. To become who you truly are. 


You own your drama. Because you needed it to grow. To finally see how strong and loving and amazing you truely are.


You manifested your darkest moments to shine. To master them and understand your true power.
To remember WHO you are.

Did you know, that there is no way NOT to manifest?

You manifest all the time. All you “need” to learn (if you desire a bit less drama and way more joy): learn how to manifest in a way that serves you.

Back then. When I still was stuck in my old life, feeling miserable. I made a decision: I decided to figure out WHY this happend and HOW to change it.

I began to study the power of thought, the power of the subconscious mind, how to manifest, how God and the Universe and all within it work together.

I invested more than 150’000 CHF in my education. In Trainings, Workshops, Classes, Mentors, Coachings. 

The moment I understood that we always create, that moment my life changed.

And the moment you will apply that, your life will change too. Imagine a life where you justmanifest everything you desire…

After getting clear about the mistakes I had made regarding my soul’s desires, I quit my job. We started to travel around the world for a while, only doing what we really wanted to do.

When you start listening to your heart, your real adventure begins.

But still… that wasn’t enough. For my husband it was a 6 month sabatical. For me it was just the beginning. Of remembering what I truely love: 

Being free.
The Subconscious Mind.
Exploring Secrets.

Listen to your heart, not to your mind. You mind can only think as far as it has reference points in the past. Your heart knows why you came into this beautiful planet … and what really makes you happy.

Still when we came back to Zurich it took a while till I made the next steps to move on. It actually took me 2 years…

I am stubburn, I guess you figured that out by now. I don’t give up on what I love. Tobi and our dog Sunny were my family, something I always wanted to have.

But just because you don’t get it right the first time, doesn’t mean you downgrade your dreams, right?!

(Remember: never downgrade on your dreams. Never do that again.)

In the meantime I build a successful coaching business that fulfills me – because I can explore the secrets of the subconsious mind of my clients.

I have served more than 16’000 amazing people and enjoy every moment with them.

on my 35th birthday (which is at Christmas… and I guess that makes me the Christmas present of my parents 🙂 ) we finally decided to get a divorce… which only took 12 minutes in court and we stayed friends.

Today I am constantly travelling. Going where my heart desires to be.

And besides my coaching business I founded an anti-aging cosmetics company with my sister. Because it makes my heart happy.

When we let go of the Mixed Messages in our heads and embrace the desire of our soul, manifesting becomes inevitable. 

Today I work with Manifestation Queens who want to manifest their desires and make their dreams come true.

I do that because it makes my heart dance with joy.

The moment you start listening to your heart and using your manifestation skills wisely, you will always be in love with your life.

Does this mean you will be perfect? And never make mistakes again? Yes. You will be perfect. Because you already are perfect. And yes:

I guarantee you that you will somtimes manifest some crazy things to happen… but not with the struggle you might have had in your past.

It will just make you smile.

And it will remind you of who you truely are: 

A part of the universe. 
Divine Energy in motion

What else can you truely be than a real manifestation queen?!

You Manifest non-stop. Manifest Love.